Aldarix the Battlemage 1.1 Update released!

Announcing the release of version 1.1 of Aldarix the Battlemage. This is the first major update. 

I worked on a couple of things for this update. First, there are a few QoL changes, such as an improved control scheme where you have to confirm your spell choice and targeting with an extra tap. Some players reported that it was too easy to misclick and inadvertently cast the wrong spell, so hopefully this will help. Spell confirmation is toggleable in the settings. 

Second, Archmage mode got a much needed update. I have added shrines with spell upgrades. You can now increase the range and duration of your favorite spells. Each shrine offers a choice of three different upgrades. 

Third, and perhaps the most interesting improvement, is the addition of a whole new game mode! I was experimenting with having each spell only be castable once per level and removing the mana cost - and this turned out to be so much fun that I decided to make it into a new game mode to make it available! It is also a great way to practice your little-used spells!

To celebrate the new release I have decided to make the entire game free, both in the desktop version and the Android version! 


Battlemage1_1.jar 10 MB
Jun 12, 2019
battlemage1_1.apk 5 MB
Jun 12, 2019

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